Jimmy Wilson

Home: St. Augustine, FL
Home away from home: NW Puerto Rico
Equipment: Canon, and a Pentax 6x7
Favorite place to shoot: Gas Chambers and the Jetty in PR
Scariest place to shoot: Monglitos and anywhere in the Bahamas sharky.
Career Highlights: ESM Photographer of the Year 2004, and my first spread in Surfing Magazine of Alejandro Moreda.
If camera isn't pointed at ocean it is pointed at: Whatever I see that will make a good photo. Normally people.
Place you've never been but plan to go: Everywhere else in the Caribbean.
Photo philosophy: Think. Try to capture something different than just mindlessly posting up on the beach with your 600mm.
Mentors: Mez and Pete Taras mainly. But everyone has helped me tons. What can I say? I'm a brotographer.
Favorite lensmen: Mez, Art Brewer, Divine, Sherm, Aichner, Bielmann, D. Hump, Taras, Stafford, Carey, Flint, Struntz, Repo, English, Hilton, Hennings, Van Lennep, Fitzpatrick
First published photo: Stamp shot of Zander Morton in ESM
Goals: To be known as a good photographer in and out of the water, and to do some crazy stunts on land that make people scared.
Magazines who currently list you on masthead: TransWorld Surf, Surfing, Surfer, and ESM
Lesson learned the hard way: It's hard not to get fat when you become a surf photographer.