Jesse Wicker

Age: 27
Home: Miami, FL
Home away from home: Anywhere that has a wave
Years shooting: 14
Favorite place to shoot: Caribbean
Place you've never been but plan to go: Indonesia
Career Highlights: Hurricane Season 2005. Spreads in Surfing, Surfer and TWSurf Magazines.
Place you've never been but plan to go: Everywhere else in the Caribbean.
Favorite lensmen: David La Chapelle, Helmut Newton, Jeff Divine, Art Brewer and Scott Aichner
First published photo: Stamp shot of Zander Morton in ESM
Goals: Be as diversified as possible.
Magazines who currently list you on masthead: Surfer, TWSurf, Mundo Rad!, Carbon, South Florida Adventure Mag
Photo philosophy: You have to be there to get the shot!