Chris Van Lennep

Home: Durban - South Africa
Home away from home: North Shore/2/4 months - Hawaii past 12 years
Years shooting: Professional 1984 (selling Images) Full time: 1989
Equipment: Canon Eos
Favorite place to shoot: OTW+Backdoor+Pipe
Scariest place to shoot: bigOTW+ Backdoor+Pipe
Career highlights: being recognized by other photogs that Van can deliver when extreme conditions prevail
Magazines who currently list you on their masthead: Surfing Magazine, Surfin Life, ASL, Carve, SurfersPath, TRIPsurf, SurferRule, Fluir, Surfers, Zigzag
If my camera isn't pointed toward the ocean it's pointed at: Stephen and Hannah our children and landscapes and animals in Africa
Place you've never been but plan to go: Ireland