Chris Straley

Home: Carlsbad, CA
Home away from home: Cal State University San Marcos
Years shooting: 12
Equipment: Canon, Hasselblad, Holga.
Least Favorite Place to shoot: California
Favorite Place to shoot:
deserted beach break in between Puerto Vallerta and Pascuales
Scariest Place to shoot: Puerto Escondido
Magazines who currently list you on masthead: Transworld Surf
If camera isn't pointed at ocean it is pointed at: people
Favorite lensmen: Pete Taras, Dave Troyer, Sherman and Aichner.
Mentors: Dave Troyer, Scott Winer, Pete Taras, and FLAME.
First published photo: SurfRide ad of Che Stang
Lesson learned hardway: don't get to close to Pat Maus when shooting with a fisheye.... he will hit you!