Sean Slavin

Home away from home: I haven't found it yet.
Favorite Place to shoot: Anywhere where the lighting is something spectacular.
Scariest Place to shoot: When I get there, I'll let you know.
If camera isn't pointed at ocean it is pointed at: The little everyday things that most people miss.
Place you've never been but plan to go: Tibet, Antarctica, Teahupoo
Favorite lensmen: Scott Aichner, Jeff Divine, Sean Davey, Ted Grambeau, Art Brewer
Photo Philosophy: It's all in the details.
First published photo: Richie Lovett from 2003 Boost Mobile Pro in Surfer Dec '03
Goals: Surfer cover, a show at The Surf Gallery, to get published in Surfer's Journal
Lesson learned hardway: Getting hit by a board hurts something fierce