Chris Sardelis

Home: Seal Beach, CA
Home away from home: Fire Station
Equipment: Canon, Canon, Canon.
Favorite Place to shoot: In front of my house.
Scariest Place to shoot: So far, Puerto over 8 feet.
Place you've never been to but plan to go: South Pole.

Career Highlights: Velzy tribute shot. Contents page of SURFER Vol. 46 #9.
Magazines who currently list you on their mastheads: Surfing, SG, Nalu
If my camera isn't pointed toward the ocean, it's pointed at: My family and my dog.
Favorite lensmen: Craig Stecyk III, Steve Sherman, Art Brewer, Flame, Russ Hoover, Tom Carey
Photo Philosophy: Do whatever it takes to get the SHOT!
Lesson learned hardway: Put film in camera.