Jason Murray

Jason Murray has been documenting his world for over 2 decades. Raised on saltwater, skinned knees and a healthy appetite for exploration, he's been both witness and active participant in the evolution of the boarding universe. Since taking his first steps on the NJ shoreline, he's been standing sideways while moving forward, gliding on water, rolling over transitions or floating through powder. Along the way, he's documented the planet's best athletes, captured the biggest waves, steepest peaks and the musicians who fill these diverse worlds with sound.

After graduating from UCSC in 1997 with a Masters Degree in Applied Economics and Finance, Jason traded in his calculator for a camera and began his career with Surfer Magazine as the Photographic Editor, a position he would hold until 2003. As a founding member of Concussion Magazine, he's not only crafted magazines but helped start them from the ground up. Film Credits include Salad Days and Jim's Ramp Jam.

For the last seven years, Jason has circled the globe from Tahiti to New England, The Caribbean to Chile , Hawaii to Africa and everywhere in between creating unique images for clients and magazines alike. As the current Director of Photography for Quiksilver, Jason has found a home as an integral member of the creative content team for the worlds' biggest board sports lifestyle company.

He currently resides in San Clemente, CA with his wife and two young sons. Having a weakness for cheese steaks and world-class pizza, he can often be found visiting the Jersey shore when the waves are up.