Josh Kimball

Years Shooting: 6
Home: Central California
Home away from home: Cardiff, CA
Equipment: Canon bodies and lenses, Mike Wagonner Housings
Favorite places to shoot: Mexico, Chile, Australia
Scariest place to shoot: In the water in Central California - I feel like bait!
Magazines that list you on their masthead: Surfers Path, Surfer
Career highlights: Several full features in SURFERS PATH magazine; photo on page 1 of "Waves" book
Mentors: Devon Howard, Drew Kampion
Places you've never been but plan to go: Alaska, Morocco, South Africa
Photo philosophy: Shoot it all
Favorite lensmen: David Pu'u, Rob Gilley, Scott Aichner, Patrick Trefz
Goals: to never stop learning; to stay happy; to get covers
Lesson learned the hard way: Thieves love photo gear