Jason Kenworthy

Drawing on the experience of mentors Art Brewer and George Salas, Jason Kenworthy essentially taught himself how to shoot surf photos, improving with each roll, and gleaning secrets of the craft from Brewer.

Establishing a relationship with SURFER magazine in 2000, he had been promoted to Senior Staff Photographer by 2001, earning his first cover shot the same year. Since then, Kenworthy has had seven cover shots and become one of the most important elements of SURFER’s success, spending nine months of the year on the road photographing professional surfers and their lives.

In 2003, Kenworthy had the pleasure of seeing one of his photographs prominently displayed in Times Square, a thrill that he had never anticipated.

Despite all of these successes, Kenworthy is far from satisfied. “My goal is to be the best surf photographer in the world,” he says. “And until I get 12 cover shots in a row, I’m not going to be happy.”

With his eye for the shot, it’s quite possible that Kenworthy will be a happy man very soon.