Dave Bjorn

Home: North Shore
Years shooting: 25+
Equipment: Nikon. Yes, a surf photog who doesn't use Canon
Favorite place to shoot: Sunset Beach. It's in a league of its' own when it fires
Scariest place to shoot: Rubber Duckies. Why do you ask?
Career Highlights: My sponsors pay me six figures and tell me to just shoot whatever I want
If camera isn't pointed at ocean it is pointed at: Bielmann- He's so hot right now!
Place you've never been but plan to go: Western Australia.
Photo philosophy: Keep looking and shooting.
Favorite lensmen: It's me. It's ME!
First published photo: Aloha magazine around 1983. It was a shot of a man working in a flower field in Pupukea highlands.
Goals: To bring glory to Jesus Christ in all that I do!

Lesson learned the hard way: Making it in surf photography can be tough.

rochelle ballard
Kalani David
Empty Wave