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Please choose from one of the Help topics below:

1. Creating an Account

2. Accessing Your Account

3. Browsing the Archives

4. Searching for Images

5. Using the Lightbox

6. Ordering an Image

7. General Site Information

Each image on this Website is individually copyrighted by the applicable photographer or rightsholder and the Website itself is copyrighted by A-Frame Media. All rights are reserved by the respective copyright owners. No image (nor the Website itself or any material portion of any image or of the Website) may be reproduced, downloaded into permanent storage, or otherwise used in any way whatsoever (including in paper form or by electronic or digital means) without the prior written consent of the copyright owner or his/her/its agent. For your information, A-Frame Media acts as a licensing agent for each of the images on this Website and we welcome inquiries about licensing the images found here.

To contact A-Frame Photo, please call 949.361.4879, or send an email to

Creating an Account

If you have previously registered with A-Frame Photo and you have forgotten your User Name or Password, or if you wish to update your account information, please contact A-Frame Photo at:

Accounts and lightboxes are assigned to a specific contact person, or User, not to a company or a department as a whole. Several people within an organization may access the same account, but each one needs to register with his/her own unique User Name and Password.

To request a password please send the following information to: or click here to sign up online.

1. User Name

2. Password:
Be sure that your User Name and Password each contain at least six characters (letters and numbers only). We'll assign both if you wish.

3. Your name, company and job title

4. Valid e-mail address

5. Phone number we can reach you at for verification

6. Physical address for mailing images

7. Intended photo use

Be sure that all required fields have been completed.

Avoid using punctuation marks wherever possible. Periods, hyphens, and underscores will work in most fields. Other punctuation, such as exclamation and question marks, commas, asterisks, single or double quotes, slashes, etc. can cause problems in some fields.

Be sure that JavaScript is enabled on your browser.

If you have re-registered using the same User Name and Password combination as in a previous registration, your registration will be denied. Check with an A-Frame Photo representative. Note: Only one User Name/Password combination per User will be saved in the A-Frame Photo system. An A-Frame Photo representative will contact you to determine which combination will be saved.

Once you have successfully created your Account, you'll have access to exclusive photos we've set aside for your eyes only. In order to use the Lightbox feature or Order images online, you need to use your personal Account.

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Accessing Your Account

If you have previously registered with A-Frame Photo to set up an Account, you can now Access Your Account/Login by entering your User Name and Password.

If you have previously registered with A-Frame Photo and you have forgotten your User Name or Password, or if you wish to update your account information, please contact a A-Frame Photo representative at 949.361.4879 or at

1. Be sure your User Name and Password are entered accurately. Both are case and space sensitive.

2. Be sure that you have not substituted an O (oh) for a 0 (zero) or an l (ell) for a 1 (one).

3. Be sure that JavaScript is enabled on your browser. (See Customizing Your Browser.)

4. Be sure you have not timed out of the site. (See Idleness - Timing Out of the Site.)

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Browsing the Archives

When you search for images without logging in, you are accessing the A-Frame Photo collections as a Guest. Browsing as a Guest allows you to Search the collections which aren't reserved as "locked-down" images. In order to use our Lightbox feature and keep your photos organized you need to create and use your own personal Account.

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Searching for Images

All images represented by A-Frame Photo are available for research and previewing online. On the initial Search page, you are given some options in choosing the parameters of your search.

Defining Your Search Parameters
There are three ways of searching for images:

* athlete

* action / portrait / stock images

* location

Each catagory is a pulldown menu where you can make your selection.

Viewing Images
The Search Results screens display images in sets of nine. There may be several pages beyond that so make sure you browse each page to view all items under that specific search criteria. Page numbers are marked and clickable at the top and bottom of each page.

If the number of images returned in a search is large, and you have a slow browser or a small cache of memory, you may find that images load slowly. In this event, try the following:

(1) Close all other open applications.

(2) Refine your search to yield fewer images at a time. For example, instead of selecting a large category like Hawaii try a more specific search that includes a subcatagory choice, such as Hawaii (location pull-down) + Action (action/portrait pulldown.) Instead of searching on Portraits, search Shane Dorian (athlete pulldown) + Lifestyle (action/portrait pulldown.) You'll get the hang of it. Just click around, explore and if you start flapping just hit the help button and sort it out. Of course we're always happy to guide you around so don't hesitate to call us.

To enlarge any image, and view the caption and credit information, click once on that image. An Image Details screen will open. From the Image Details screen you may save the image to a Lightbox, and/or send a request to purchase or place the shot on hold.

To close the window and resume your search just click the close window button at the bottom. Anything you save to your lightbox (remember you have to be signed in to use the lightbox feature) will be available by clicking "my lightbox" from any page you're logged into. See "Using the Lightbox" instructions.

If you find that your Search returns you to the Home page, instead of to the Search Results page, it may be that you have timed out of the site. Log back in, or re-enter as a Guest, and re-start your Search.

If you are having difficulty finding what you need and would like assistance, an A-Frame Photo representative will be happy to assist you. No research fees are charged. Contact your A-Frame Photo Monkey during business hours (8:30am to 6:00pm, M - F, Pacific Time) by phone at 949.361.4879 or by email at

Setting the Page Display
The default has been set to view nine images per page. In some instances we've animated sequences to show all/most shots. Click the thumbnail to get more specific information on sequence details as well as general photo information.

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Using the Lightbox

A Lightbox is a visual representation of a group of images you've selected in which you can save images for consideration and/or ordering immediately. You may create and add to your lightbox as often as you like. To remove images just click "remove" from the "My Lightbox" screen.

In order to access the Lightbox feature, you must be registered on the site and have entered the site using your User Name and Password.

Creating and Using a Lightbox
* Select an image that you wish to save.

* Click once on the Lightbox icon located above the thumbnail or in the Image Details screen.

* A dialogue box will open telling you that a new image has been added.

* You can continue to browse the archives and keep adding to your personal lightbox or you can click the "My Personal Lightbox" icon to check out what you've already taken a liking to.

Images will be saved and stored in your Lightbox until you delete them. Exception: If an image is removed from the A-Frame Photo collection for some reason, it will also be deleted from the Search Results and from your Lightbox. If this should happen, and you still wish to license the image, please contact an A-Frame Photo representative.

Note: If your image does not save to a Lightbox, it is probably either because you are on the site as a Guest or because you have timed out of the site. If you are on the site as a Guest, you will need to request a Password and Create an Account before you can use the Lightbox feature.

Deleting Images from a Lightbox
* Open "Personal Lightbox" locate image you wish to delete.
* Click the remove button.

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Ordering an Image

The A-Frame Photo site has been designed to enable our customers to easily Order an image, or images when you need them....not when someone else has "time" to get them for you. Information is collected about the intended use of the image(s), media format, shipping/delivery, and payment method. When that information is completed and submitted, an Order is generated at A-Frame Photo. If there are no questions or problems, that Order is confirmed and fulfilled within one business day of when it is received. If there are any questions or problems, an A-Frame Photo representative will contact you.

What is a Purchase Request?
A Purchase Request is an agreement, or contract, which results in the delivery of the image(s) with a license for a specified use and an invoice or usage confirmation. Accompanying the delivered invoice and the Purchase Confirmation is a copy of A-Frame Photo's Terms and Conditions. Please read this document carefully. The Terms and Conditions are part of the Order/License Agreement.

Please feel free to call us so we can personally handle your request in the most timely manner available or click here to fill out a request online. Contact an A-Frame Photo representative at 949.361.4879 or

Placing an Order from Outside the United States
If you are planning to place an Order from a country outside the United States, for editorial usage please contact us at A representative will follow up within 24 hours. All Orders placed outside the United States require payment by credit card before the image is delivered.

Ordering Images for Web Use
A-Frame specializes in online photo use and would be happy to deliver images that are "web ready" and dialed for immediate use. Please select images as descibed above and go ahead and send your request or call an A-Frame Photo representative for more details.

Because some of our photographers shoot digital images almost exclusively we can get you the most timely photos available. If you have specific needs for an upcomming event please let us know so we can make arrangements to first get the shot and then get it to you.

Receiving your image
For FedEx delivery, you may choose to have the Order shipped on A-Frame Photo's Account and to be billed for the shipping charge. Or you may provide your own FedEx account number and be billed by FedEx rather than by A-Frame Photo. If the FedEx number you provided is a third-party account, rather than a recipient account, please inform a A-Frame Photo representative immediately. Please remember to select your shipping priority. If you're close enough

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General Site Information

This web site has been designed to work on both PC and Mac platforms with a variety of computer configurations. Please review the information below for optimal use of the site. Be sure to read the section on Idleness - Timing Out of the Site.

Minimum/Optimal Operating System
The web site has been designed to work optimally on PC's with Windows 95, 98, or NT (or later) or on Mac's with OS 8.0 (or later). The minimum OS requirement for the PC is Windows 95. The minimum OS requirement for the Mac is OS 7.0.

Minimum/Optimal Browser Configuration
We recommend that our visitors use either Microsoft's Internet Explorer (version 8.0 or above), Mozilla Firefox or Safari to browse the site. Using other browsers may result in less than optimal viewing of the site. To download an Internet Explorer browser, go to and click on Downloads. To download a Firefox browser, go to

Customizing Your Browser
* Bookmarking the site - We suggest that you take a moment to save the A-Frame URL ( To do this, you should be at A-Frame Photo's Home page. In Netscape, select Bookmarks from the Browser Menu and then click on Add to Bookmarks. In Internet Explorer, click on Favorites on the Browser Menu, then click on Add to Favorites.

* Enabling JavaScript - JavaScript is the language that we use to help you navigate around the site comfortably. Without the JavaScript option selected, you will not be able to use the site . This is only an issue in older browsers or in browsers that have been customized to disable JavaScript.

* Enlarging the Viewing Area (For Netscape Users Only) - If you are having difficulties viewing an entire page on your monitor without scrolling, and you are running your machine with the suggested client configuration, you may want to try the following technique. To give you a larger viewing area within the browser, hide one of the toolbars in Netscape. In Netscape 3.x, this is done by choosing Options from the main browser menu, and selecting the Show Directory Buttons option. This option will then appear unchecked as an option and you will have an adequate viewing area within the browser. In Netscape 4.x, this is done by choosing View from the main browser menu, and selecting the Hide Personal Toolbar option. This option will then appear unselected and you will have an adequate viewing area within the browser.

Display Color Settings

On the PC, in the Windows environment, we suggest that the screen display be set to at least High Color [16-bit]. The ideal configuration would be True Color [32-bit]. To find these settings, select Settings from the Start Menu. Then select Control Panel/Display/ Display Properties/Settings.

On the Macintosh, we suggest that the display be set to a minimum of Thousands of Colors. The ideal setting would be Millions of Colors. To find these settings, select Control Panels from the Apple Menu. Then select Monitors & Sound and set the Color Depth.

Idleness - Timing Out of the Site
Once you have logged into your Personal Account on the site or have begun to browse as a Guest, you will have real-time access to A-Frame Photo. If the site has been idle for 30 minutes, your session will time out and you will be required to reconnect to the site by returning to Home and selecting either Browse Archives or Access Your Account. If your connection has been idle for a period of 10 minutes, you will get a pop-up box warning "Your A-Frame Photo session will be disconnected in 20 minutes due to inactivity". We suggest you save images that interest you to a Lightbox so that you can access them more quickly when you re-enter the site.

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Use of this website is subject to the following Terms and Conditions
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