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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm looking for photos of my team riders for use in ads but unfortunately everything I've seen here is old and has been shown to me before. What's the deal?

The problem is you're not logged in! When new photos come through they are placed on restricted status and therefore only viewable to those with proper access permission. You have a much better chance finding usable shots of your team riders in our password protected area than you do browsing as a guest. Click here to fill out our new member registration form.

I'm not a art director or an agency buyer but you sure have some purdy pictures I'd like to hang on my wall. Do you sell prints of all of the stuff on the site?

Yes we do sell custom prints of some of the images represented here. However since we deal with several different photographers you must submit a request to get specific pricing and availability here.

What's an online lightbox?

Your online lightbox lets you set aside and organize images for later review. It's also a place where you can find images that have been preselected specifically for you by the A-Frame Media Photo Department. You must be logged in to add images to your lightbox, so if you haven't registered here

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