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About Us

Welcome to, the online photo department for A-Frame Media.

Designed almost exclusively for art directors, marketing managers and agency art buyers; our impressive database of surf and ocean related images can help solve every aspect of your needs or your clients' when you need it.

How it works:

The unique aframephoto system gives you "authorized" access into some of the industry's top photographers files allowing you to inspect images online without the risk of handling and being responsible for the originals. Once you find an image that suits your needs you can request a larger digital file for comps and/or the original slide for closer consideration.

When you log on and use the site as a registered user you'll be able to view images that have been placed on "restricted" status and therefore only viewable to people having proper access permission and not your competition.

If you're not a "surf industry" user, registration will allow you to use our state of the art lightbox feature as well as permission to browse our exclusive stock selection.

If you can't find what you need or just plain don't have time to search (but you know what you're looking for) please contact us and we'll have our research team assist you.

Concept to Completion:
A-Frame Media's Premiere Services

Advertising Specific Photography
Complete Multi-Media Integration
Web Design/Construction
Print Design/Creative Services
CD-ROM and DVD Production
Copy Writing/Editing
General Consultation

A-Frame Media was established in January 2002 to provide designers and art buyers with the most visually compelling ocean related images from the sport of surfing’s most talented photographers. The image library houses everything under the sun, on the sand and of course in the water.

A-Frame Media headquarters are in Southern California while their photographers are strategically placed in Australia, South Africa, Indonesia, Hawaii, Tahiti and Northern California

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